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    Why would you pay 6% commission?? Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

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    It’s 2020. Times have changed and so has the way you sell your home. Our full service listing fee is only $2,800 and includes all the bells and whistles as a traditional 6% listing model. Proven marketing methods have satisfied 100’s of happy clients. Our model is full service from listing to closing and everything in between. Find more details here.

    In 2000, a new flat screen TV would cost you $7,500. That same TV, in 2020, now costs $400. Technology has evolved and so has real estate marketing.



    List your home for only $2,800, regardless of the price of your home. That’s it! No surprises or hidden fees. 

    Full Service, Less Fees. Keep Your Equity.


    Do you realize that the 6% commission model has been used since 1960. That is 30 years before the first website launched and 60 years ago from today. Should you still pay 6% to sell your home in 2020? 




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