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RRG comments on surging Covid buyer activity.

It’s true. During the beginning of the Covid shutdowns in March of 2020, who knew it would lead to a drastic surge in buyer activity. RRG sales since April of 2020 have increased 44% compared to the same period one year ago. See what SC Biz News had to say in a short interview. For the first few weeks it felt 2008-ish. Similar to the last real estate recession that loomed for years. Very quiet, no one has any answers. Let’s just say the home office has grown in value BIG time.

Well RRG was born in 2008 and has extreme adaptability to endure any market conditions thrown at us. It’s no surprise that our listing model, which provides full service representation to sellers for $2,800 regardless of price, was ahead of the curve for the Columbia, SC market. In fact, the decision to switch to such an aggressive model was made to get ahead of the technology curve that has finally caught up to the real estate business. 6% commission models have been around since the 1950’s yet most brokers STILL don’t pass the cost savings to their clients.

The average listing agent spends 6 hours on a listing. That’s right. 6 hours. Let’s do the math. You are selling your $300,000 home with an agent who is charging you 6% commission. Most likely, that agent’s commission will be 3% and the agent representing the buyer will be paid 3% also. So your listing agent will make $9,000 (or $1,500 per hour) at closing. Who do you know that makes $1,500 per hour?? RRG noticed this vulgar stat in 2017 and decided to shake things up. Here’s why;

  • Our hard costs do not change based on the home’s sales price. Period. We  could have 1 or 1000 listings and our hard costs don’t budge.
  • The camera does not care how much your home costs. It performs the same regardless.
  • The sign and lockbox certainly don’t care either!
  • It’s all about the internet! Higher priced homes don’t cost more to market! They are just marketed to a different audience but that doesn’t increase the ad spend. In fact, most social media ads are free!
  • We bring homes to the market that otherwise would not have sold due to lack of equity or general refusal to pay 6% commission. We get it!
  • This is a big one – RRG has no franchise or corporate salaries to pay. That alone reduces our overhead tremendously.
  • There are tons of other reasons but mainly it’s 2020, not 1950. Technology evolves. Unlike traditional brokerages who still charge 6% commission, we embrace the efficiency in our systems and pass the saving to you, the homeowner. does a great job elaborating on all of the above.

BOTTOM LINE; know your options, research your agent’s performance and reviews, and don’t throw away your equity! Give myself (803.513.4247) or one of my outstanding agents a call when it’s time to start planning a move! 

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