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Resource Realty takes care of Heros

Resource Realty Group offers real money for “Hero” home buyers

August 5, 2020

Paul Kirby – Original story>>>

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Resource Realty Group is a real estate brokerage firm in Lexington, SC. Known as RRG, this company is unlike any other their customers have ever seen. Locally owned by husband and wife team Dustin and Tara Johns, the company has single-handily changed the landscape of the real estate business in the Midlands in several innovative ways over the past decade. Now, the Johns have integrated a program into their business that’s been used in other parts of the country. Its sole purpose is to honor our American heroes with cash or closing credits when they are buying a home.

Dustin and Tara were high school sweethearts. They grew up in the Red Bank area of Lexington County, grew closer at Lexington High School, graduated, and eventually got married and started a family.

Dustin, in his 20s at the time, was already fast becoming a real player in The Midlands development business before the economy crashed in 2007. He quickly found himself as others did, neck deep in debt with half-finished properties that the banks had just completely cut off the funding for. As the money dried up, property owners stopped paying him. Dustin couldn’t pay his sub-contractors, and it just rolled on down the hill from there. It was a terrible time for many. As most in the middle of this financial disaster did, Dustin did the only thing he could. He started to dig out and salvage what was the rest of his life and business.

In the midst of this mess, a friend approached Dustin and eventually talked him into going into the real estate brokerage business with him. The two started selling distressed, bank owned properties and Dustin began to rebuild. That eventually grew into the successful business RRG. Last year, using their unconventional sales model that takes a small sellers fee that never changes, they did over $70 million dollars in sales. That’s on the seller’s side. On the buyer’s side, they get a standard 3% commission like other brokers. That’s where the Heroes program comes in.

It’s easy to become a part of the American Heroes’ program at RRG. You could simply stop by their office at 200 North Lake Drive in Lexington during normal business hours and ask if you qualify. Remember, there’s no further qualifications other than your work as an American hero and that you are in the market to buy. You could also contact Tara at (803) 606-4284 or Dustin at (803) 513-4247. They will get someone to lead you through the process of finding just the right home for you and get you on the road to buying a home as an American hero.

In a coming Part Two of this story, we will explain to you why RRG is also the right agency to go to when it’s time to sell your home. Look for that soon.

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