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Greenville Sellers Saved Over $28,000 in March!

March was a busy month of sales and savings for my clients with 7 total closings, 5 of which were listings where I represented the seller! The number I am most proud of is the amount that my sellers were able to keep in their pocket by working with me as their agent.

Combined my March sellers were able to keep $28,361 of their equity in their pockets!

How is this possible?!

Allie Johns and RRG’s commission free listing model is how! Instead of charging 6% to list your home we charge a flat fee of $2,800.

Here is a closer look at how our business model benefitted Upstate sellers in March 2019:

33 Hiawatha Drive received multiple offers driving the purchase price above asking to $327,500.In the 6% listing business model the sellers would have paid 3% ($9,825) to the buyer agent and 3% ($9,825) to the listing agent.

Instead, with the RRG model the sellers were able to keep $7,025 of their equity ($9,825 minus $2,800) ALL THE WHILE still receiving all the expertise, marketing, advising, communication, and management required to get the sale to closing!

My sellers were in the home less than 2 years so were extremely pleased to be able to turn a profit instead of being upside down in the property like they would have been if they went with the 6% commission listing model!

303 Haviland Avenue was a unique property that received a lot of attention for it’s character and location. The owners went the FSBO (for sale by owner) route initially as they couldn’t justify paying the 6% commission model (we get it!). Once they learned I offer FULL SERVICE for a flat fee and have a great sales history they hired me. The property sold for $345,500 and they saved $7,565!!

Often the amount the sellers know they are saving helps the sale to happen as it gives the them more ‘wiggle’ room on what they are willing to accept and therefore also benefits the new buyers. It’s a win-win!

600 Gaithburg Square received 8 offers in less than 24 hours! The strategy for this property was very intentional and we positioning ourselves to receive multiple offers so my seller could have their pick of the best ones. We received asking price and sold the property ‘as-is’ saving the seller thousands in repair costs due to the high demand for the property. Gaithburg sold for $165,000 and my seller saved $2,150 in commissions!

They were thrilled with my services, ability to handle and advise all the different offers, fully explain each one, vet out the many prospects, and manage the sale all the way to the closing table for them!

415 Rose Haven Way was only on the market for 4 days before receiving a full price solid offer and going under contract! I was referred to the sellers by their son after 2 successful sales with him last year! They were not disappointed as they were able to sell and move seamlessly and save $4,097 in commissions!

The remaining sale was a new construction listing where I worked out an agreement to save my seller thousands in commissions while getting the property under contract and sold!

I am proud of the success of each of these sales and thankful for my clients involved! Be a success story like them and do not get stuck paying 6% commission! It’s not necessary in this day and age…get with the times and contact me to see how I can help you sell your home AND keep your equity! 

Allie Johns 803-608-9961


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