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    Best Coffee in The Midlands


    Coffee definitely keeps our office running. Whether it’s a quick pick me up or a place to meet with clients in their part of town, our agents have discovered some of the best coffee bars in The Midlands. See if your favorite made the list!

    1. The Haven – We can all agree that this is our go to at Resource Realty Group. Located just a short walk from our office and on the beautiful and vibrantly growing Lexington’s Main Street. Whether you are looking for coffee, breakfast, snacks or a nice meeting place, the Haven has you covered. Locally roasted and operated we can’t get enough of this convenient and delicious location.
    2. Drip Coffee –  We love Drip Coffee for their pour over method. Drip is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality coffee in our area. Their new location in 5 Points is super trendy and another good meeting spot for Downtown Columbia. The Nutella French Toast is to die for! Whether you are on Columbia’s Main Street or near USC Drip is a great spot to grab a quick brew.
    3. Indah Coffee – Nick and Stefanie Hauser set out to bring beautifully roasted coffee to the Midlands by beginning their brew traveling the world tasting different coffees and visiting different growers. They eventually started brewing their own beans at Soda City Market and wildly grew in popularity. Now with 3 locations to serve you, you can purchase coffee to brew at home or sit and enjoy a cup at one of their locations. It’s a Columbia tradition and has to be tasted if you are new to the area.
    4. Dunkin at the 378/1 Hwy Split –  Jessica Roberts was very specific about this location as it is super convenient to her house and a perfect place to grab a quick tea when she’s heading out to an appointment. Jessica says “at $1.65 for my tea of choice and it’s sooo good, you cannot go wrong! You can also get 10 munchkins for $2 to please the kids or feed your sugar craving, it’s unbeatable.”
    5. Cafe Strudel – Go for the Hangover Hashbrowns and be pleasantly surprised by the great coffee on tap. Old school way of doing coffee, the restaurant allows you to select your own “vintage” coffee mug and make you a cup of the brew on tap for the day your own way. It’s a good way to ensure your coffee is done right and the food there is also amazing for brunch and lunch!
    6. Curiosity Coffee Bar – Curiosity is newer to the Midlands Coffee scene and the name says it all. The atmosphere here is incredible offering indoor and outdoor seating. They pair the best coffees along with a great selection of beer, wine and sake! So anytime of day or any kind of occasion, if you haven’t visited yet, you need to go try it.
    7. Starbucks – Any Location! Tried and True.. Tara Johns spends most of her days driving all over the Midlands meeting clients or taking new listings and Starbucks is always right where she needs it to be. “It is my guilty pleasure and my convenient go to. I love that there is usually a location any side of town that I am visiting. It makes it easy to meet clients in their neighborhoods, they offer free wifi if you need a quick meeting or mobile workspace. My favorites are the Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato, the Chia Tea Latte or if I need a quick lunch the Tomato and Mozzarella Panini is great.” Most locations have a drive thru making it even more convenient.
    8. Loveland Coffee – Loveland is a great spot when you are in the Irmo area. One of our favorites! You can join them with a coffee subscription and never run out of coffee again or pop in the St. Andrews location for a quick brew on the go. They also have several kiosks in the area offering their coffee beans. Local and Delicious.

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