6% Commission vs. Full Service Flat Fee Listing

Thinking about selling your Home? Consider your options and the role of your listing agent......

Welcome to 2018! Everyone in my life is looking forward to a new year full of changes in life, home, work, family, and positive beginnings. I certainly hope the same for you!

For those of you who have a new home in the forecast, there are some major considerations to analyze before making the next step toward that goal. In most cases, selling your current home is the first step before purchasing your next home and I would like to point out some available options you may not be aware of....

First, and foremost, TECHNOLOGY has drastically changed the way real estate transactions take place, specifically in ways to market your home. When you are searching for real estate, are you calling you agent for property listings or do you search on your own? Over 90% of real estate searches begin online prior to involving a real estate agent at all. What is my point? The role of the agent has changed and the internet allows us all to search anytime, anywhere, with more details and information about each property. When it comes to listing your home, the role of a listing agent has become more efficient and marketing costs are drastically because of technology. 

Why does the value of your home dicate how much money your agent makes?

Simple answer; it shouldn't. Times are changing and charging 6% commission to list a home is becoming history. In many major markets outside of South Carolina, 6% has been history and most homeowners would laugh in the face of a listing agent during a 6% commission listing presentation.  

  • The camera works the same no matter how much your home costs
  • The yard sign doesn't know which yard it is in
  • MLS fees are the same if your agent has 1 listing or 1000 listings
  • The internet works the same no matter which house you are marketing
  • Real Estate Agents are required to provide the same fidicuary responsibility to clients regardless of home values

And most importantly, Resource Realty Group gives all of our seller clients  the same respect, attention, focus, passion, and professionalism regardless of how much your home sells for!

Easy Math: Your home sells for $200,000. The listing agent receives 3% commission (half of the 6%) totaling $6,000

Using the same MLS, sign, websites, lockbox, etc......

The same listing agent then sells another house for $500,000. The listing agent receives 3% commission totaling $15,000

Thats a $9,000 difference in commission for doing the same work. The only difference is the price of the house! If an agent tells you they have to work harder for a higher priced listing, they are lying to you! Plus, if that was the case, how does that make the $200,000 homeowner feel about the services they receive? Because their home is less expensive they get less service? Come on Man! That's just doesn't make sense and technology has changed the game. In the above scenarios, you would have saved $3,200 and $12,200, respectively, with Resource Realty Group.

Resource Realty Group lists for $2,800 regardless of price. That's it. No catch. The only other optional fee is drone footage if your home's location and features will benefit from it. (Relax, it's only $250 bucks). We are full service! There is absolutely no difference in the service provided when comparing a 6% commission listing to our full service, $2,800 fee except for how much money you save.

In 2017 we saved homeowner's just over $100,000 in fees........

..........and proved that our new listing model works. Take a look at a few sold exampes. These clients saved a ton of money and kept the equity in their homes! We plan to double the savings in 2018 and look foward to hearing from you when you plan to sell. Happy New Year and reach out anytime to discuss your real estate situation. We'd love to hear from you!

Please also visit KeepYourEquity.com for immediate details about our $2,800 listing service. It's your Equity, Keep It!

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